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Programs and Partnerships


Pipeline to POWER!

A leadership development pipeline for young people consisting of two

Youth Voices in Action (VIA) 

For youth 6-12 grade and focuses on
equipping young people with leadership and anti-racist community organizing skills as well as
creating pathways for young people have an impact and a voice in decision making about
education in New Mexico. Available as an after school program at some APS middle and high schools. Click below to find out more about VIA. 

Youth Organizing to Decolonize Education and Learning (YODEL)

For youth ages 18- 25 and is a continuation of VIA by offering deeper leadership
development, engagement in different areas of the organization, and mentorship development. Contact us to get involved! 


Partners in POWER!

An aspect of our organization devoted to building dynamic networks
working towards the same goals and vision of LANM and moving together with collective
power. Below are the coalitions and collectives we are currently a part of.

Transform Education New Mexico

In a landmark court decision, a judge ruled that New Mexico is violating the constitutional rights of students to a sufficient education (Yazzie/Martinez lawsuit). The court ordered the state to take immediate steps to fix our schools and fully support low-income, Native American, Hispanic, English language learner, and special needs students. Transform Education NM is a coalition of education, tribal and community leaders advancing a new vision for our public education system in New Mexico, following this landmark decision. For more information on the platform, partners, and what's happening next please click below to view the Transform Education New Mexico's website, and sign up to be a member!

Families United for Education

A collective of individuals and organizations focused on educational success in Albuquerque with a focus on anti racist educational practices and implementation of ethnic studies in schools. This group also aims to shorten the distance between parents, teachers, students, and community and Albuquerque Public Schools leadership and school board. 

Anti- Racist Youth Leadership Institute Collective 

A group of organizations and coalitions that have developed an ever evolving summer institute for young people in the Albuquerque and surrounding areas that offers educational spaces for young people to learn about racism and systemic oppression as well as to have conversations about the impact those have on them, their community, their ancestors, and their future decedents as well as how we can break the cycle by unlearning socialized mindsets and behaviors brought on by racism and systemic oppression and chose to actively live an anti- racist life. In addition to youth specific anti- racism curriculum, this group also provides anti- racism workshops to organizations or groups that request it as well. 


POWER! Circles

Spaces created for adults (educators, parents, administrators, community
members, and other education stakeholders) to have courageous, anti-racist conversations and
learning opportunities around building a transformative, anti-racist education system as a
collective with each other and centering + amplifying student voice and action. To find out more or request a circle, please contact us. 


POWERful Information

We place importance on sharing trustworthy information with
community and partners through an online public shared space for collected data around
education in New Mexico, and online public shared space for anti-racist youth organizing and
leadership development curriculum, providing anti racist youth organizing trainings for schools,
partners, networks, and community groups, creating and releasing our annual VIA youth
summit report, and continued collection and sharing of data from campaign surveys.

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